Are you Thinking about Starting Your own home Cleaning Business?

If you’re think of starting your own home Cleaning Business and are wondering how to go about it, or what quality of work you need to provide, then read on. I had my own Home Cleaning Business for a few years, and I got rave reviews about my work. I had clients tell me they’d never been happy with a cleaner before. From what I heard, it seemed like cleaning people didn’t behave as professionals. I think you can be a professional, regardless of what line of work you’re in.home cleaning – The Urban Guide

One thing you must do is treat your clients with respect. And keep their business confidential. They may recommend your services to their friends, but you need to be very careful that you behave professionally and not repeat an incident you may have overheard, 大型冷風機 or something about someone’s housekeeping habits, or lack thereof.

One way I grew my business was through advertising in the local newspaper. But I also showed my appreciation when someone referred a friend and I gave them their next cleaning job at 1/2 the price. I don’t think anyone ever referred a friend for that reason, but they sure appreciated the bonus.

When the client comes in their home after you’ve been there, it should be immediately obvious that their place has been cleaned. Cushions should be straightened. Any papers and odds and ends lying around should be put together in a neat pile. This isn’t something they’d think to ask you, but it’s something they will notice and appreciate.

Some people’s needs are much different than others and if you want to set yourself apart, then tune into those needs. For example, I had one couple where both the husband and wife were military management. They had two small children. So their life was very busy. I noticed there was usually a fair amount of laundry so i started folding laundry that was started. And then I started doing more laundry. The lady really appreciated it. Now that’s an area where you’d need to be very careful because some people (me included) are very particular about the way their laundry is done. I’m very fussy about how mine is sorted and that some items are not put in the dryer, and others are washed by hand. But because I know that I’m particular, I was comfortable that my methods would suit her. Another place, they asked me to put the cleaning cloths in the washer. Sometimes there was a load of socks in the dryer, so I’d fold those. I wouldn’t just take them out and put them in a basket.

A client shouldn’t have to wonder whether or not you cleaned corners. I, however, very much dislike trying to get in corners with a vacuum cleaner. First of all, there’s a big risk of hitting something, and besides that, it’s a nuisance. I had two methods for doing this. One was I’d use a damp cloth and wipe the floor or carpet towards the center of the room. The other was using a magnetic duster. If a house is cleaned on a regular basis, there shouldn’t be dirt in the corners, just dust. So these are acceptable methods. And most people will appreciate the fact you’re being careful around their furniture. I also used my damp cloth once in awhile around the edges of carpets because there seems to be an area close to the baseboard where dust builds up, unless you were to use a crevice tool each time.

If there were dirty dishes in the kitchen, I washed them. I always cleaned the kitchen sink and polished the faucets. Most people wash their counters on a daily basis, but I still moved everything and wiped underneath. And I polished the stove. The other thing I did in the kitchen, if i had the time, was kept the refrigerator clean. I very rarely removed everything, but I wiped shelves and bottles, as needed.

There shouldn’t be a hair left on a floor after it’s been scrubbed. I washed most of my floors by hand, but a bathroom, in particular, is much easier to wash by hand. You can do a better job around the toilet for sure. After two or three times cleaning a house, I would have the easiest routine worked out.

One thing you might want to consider is whether or not to provide your own cleaning supplies and cloths. In most cases, I preferred to take my own. It meant having to wash cloths all the time, plus the added task of carrying stuff. But some people may not have proper cloths, or cleaning supplies that work well for you. To me, if you don’t have the proper tools, the job is much more difficult. It’s also less stress for the client not to have to remember to pick up cleaning items. And if they happen to forget, you’re the one working without the proper tools. It’s a matter of preference, but certainly needs to be considered.

In any business, one very important factor is customer service. And I feel it’s very important when you’re cleaning someone’s home. Treat the family with dignity and respect. Respect their home and belongings. Be on time. If you can’t make it, be sure and let them know.

One thing you may not think about is the possibility of something getting broken. Ask yourself how you’d feel if something of yours was broken? I offered to replace items or fixed them, if they could be fixed. Sometimes they may tell you it really doesn’t matter, it wasn’t that important. But that’s rarely the case. I’ve even had my husband fix picture frames. One time, it must have been an especially tiring day, I broke two items. One was a figurine and it was like it was going in slow motion and I couldn’t catch it. I called the lady at work and told her what had happened and offered to replace it. It was something that really couldn’t be replaced and she was really okay with it. But I made her a homemade coconut cream pie and took it the next time. And she appreciated the gesture.

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