Beginner Airsoft Guns – How to Pick Out Your First Airsoft Gun Successfully

 Beginner Airsoft Guns – How to Pick Out Your First Airsoft Gun Successfully


Beginner Airsoft guns are always a tricky matter when you first get into the sport. Since so many different categories of guns exist like gas, electric, or spring and then .38 special ammo  the various models within each category the choice for the first gun can be from a wide selection. Since AEG’s (Airsoft Electric Gun) have the most versatile price range when it comes to the market those are always the best for a starter rifle. Some key things to keep in mind when shopping for the first time are the preferred play style, such as CQB (Close Quarters Combat) or field, and the price range.

If one is looking to play in a faster paced environment where there are a lot of tight corners than a CQB weapon like an MP5 is the better choice. On the other hand if there is no CQB field nearby or ones desire is to play in larger environment than a carbine or rifle like an M4 or M16 is an excellent choice. Now just because the model of the gun is geared more towards CQB doesn’t mean it cannot be converted into something made for field play or vice versa. The key to the different play styles is primarily two things; outer barrel length and FPS (Feet per second). Some guns come with features that allow them to be more versatile; however these guns are generally more expensive so it is best to have play style choice in mind.

Next is the model and make of the gun after the play style is chosen. This generally comes down to personal preference and accessible accessories like magazines. Although keeping something in mind with more after market parts, like an M4 or AK47, is another good idea for upgrading and repairing purposes. Build quality is also important; full metal guns are generally higher end and thus tend to be more expensive but as such they are more durable. On the other end of the price scale you will have sports line or plastic models that are cheaper but are easier to break. The decent middle ground is something is made of hard polymer which is more durable than most plastic but also is a fair bit cheaper.



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