Bodyguard Training

There are many aspects involved in Bodyguard Training and most countries now require a Bodyguard to hold a Bodyguard Certificate.

A Bodyguard certificate is often a short 8 to 10 week course, where a person learns first aid, self defence training and knowledge of the industry.Mars Security – Guards

However, Bodyguard training can evolve and a person can gain higher certificates, or even branch into more specialist areas. Although a person only requires the basic Bodyguard certificate to find Bodyguard Work, they may require more training in order to apply for a specific Body Guard job.

Bodyguards are expected to update their skills regularly to ensure that they have current knowledge of their industry. This is something that is currently occurring in all industries. Through continued life learning, people are able to maintain and international bodyguard services improve international bodyguard services their level of skill within their industry area.

Bodyguard Training can involve, armed guard training, personal protection officer training, first aid training, or management training. A Bodyguard does not have to be out on the job all their life, there are many opportunities to branch out, or work you way up.

Prior to beginning any Bodyguard Training a person will be required to undergo a police check. A police check is conducted to ensure that anyone entering the Body Guard industry is not wanted for any crimes. As a Bodyguard may be required to handle a loaded firearm, it is essential that a person considering becoming a Bodyguard is not committed any firearms offences.

The Bodyguard industry has become quite advanced and through industry networking is able to offer Bodyguards access to advanced training courses, seminars and incentives. Some of the advanced training courses include, advanced driving techniques, advanced firearms and advanced self-defence techniques.

As you can see, being a Bodyguard does not have to be a lonely profession, there are ample opportunities to get involved and meet new people. Through networking and sharing ideas, the Bodyguard industry becomes stronger and more capable of dealing with viable security threats.

Other more specialized areas of Bodyguard training include, canine training, private investigator training and celebrity protection. Within the Bodyguard industry there are also many support jobs, such as administrators, financial managers, security managers and more.

Training within the Bodyguard industry is diverse and can span your whole lifetime. You could be a roving patrol, a stationary guard, in charge of several other Bodyguards, or keeping watch at sporting events. What ever you choose to do in the Bodyguard industry, there is plenty of opportunities and ample available training.

As you can see, there are no limits in the Bodyguard industry. After a few years working as a Bodyguard, you may decide to go back to university and later join a government agency, such as the CIA. Anything is possible within the Bodyguard industry and you just need to make the decision that best suits you.

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