Christian Writers Can Now Share Their Faith on a Christian Blog

Today, Christian writers have a great option of sharing their faith with the world. The internet technology helps them to proclaim their faith. The greatest commission given by Jesus Christ is to go out into the world and preach the good news to everyone. Right from 2000+ years, millions of people have accepted Jesus and are sharing this gospel with everyone. There are different ways of preaching the gospel. Be it a pastor, evangelist, volunteer, singer or a believer, everyone can do their part by giving their time and talents to the Lord. Conducting large crusades and distributing tracks were popular means of preaching gospel in the earlier days. However, with the advancement in technology, everything has come right into the home and evangelism is not excluded. TV ministry, Christian blog sites and forums are an important medium to preach the good news and bring people to the lord. Today, several Christian blog sites are offering a chance for Christian writers to post spiritual content on their sites.

It is always good to share your faith at each and every possible occasion. An important example from the Bible is the incident of the servant maid. She informed Naaman about the power of God and advised him to go to Israel and get his leprosy cured. When Naaman visited prophet Elisha, he got his leprosy cured. When he understood the power of God, he immediately accepted the Lord. Another incident from the Bible is the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. When she heard about Jesus, she immediately confessed her sins and accepted Jesus as her personal savior swertres hearing today. When one woman shared her testimony with the villagers, the majority of the villagers accepted Jesus. Today, Christian writers can easily share their faith on a Christian blog without having to go anywhere.

The striking benefit of sharing gospel are many. Firstly, christian writers can share their testimony from the comfort of their home email1&1 com. Gone are the days when you had to go around and talk to people. Today, with the help of the technology, you can easily connect with people around the world and share things with ease. Secondly, Christian writers can reach more number of people by posting content on a good Christian blog. Good Christian blog sites have thousands of registered members and when you post an article there, it would easily reach thousands of people. It is always a blessing to share the good news and doing it at the comfort of your home is always a good thing.

News curation is an increasingly important and widespread practice, and curation of some form or another plays a large part in the news stories that the majority of people read. But what is it, how is it practiced, and how can you get involved? (hint: you may already be doing it!)

News curation really isn’t that different from any other kind of curation. A curator at a museum is responsible for helping the museum to collect together then most important artifacts and then deciding which pieces the museum should exhibit at any time and how they should be shown to the public. A news curator will do the same thing for current affairs stories.

This is really the extension of what was once the job of an editor, but rather than looking simply at the stories presented by a small collection of journalists, curation means that you are looking at a very wide range of stories from across the internet and other sources, including social media posts on websites such as twitter or Facebook, blog posts on small and obscure blogs, and other websites.

This can often be done by the editorial team of a news publication. There is so much information out there in today’s world that it is often more effective to research information from obscure sources rather than going out to investigate and report the story yourself.

But it is also something that most people are involved in themselves in some way. When you share a story with friends through social media, or even when you tell someone about something you hear over a meal or a drink, you are effectively taking our place as part of the network of curators through which that person receives their information about what is happening in the world.

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