Some smokers may be encouraged to quit by the use of electronic cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes has long been known to be harmful to one’s health. Cancer, heart disease, and breathing difficulties are a few of the most common ones. Electronic cigarettes use battery power to heat a tobacco solution into a vapour that can be inhaled.PMI's IQOS Iluma Prime smoke-free device goes live with Japan Duty Free |  Travel Retail Business

E-cigarettes may help smokers stop the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, according to a group of researchers. The vast majority of these studies have been conducted on smokers who have already decided to quit. However, smokers who have no intention of quitting tend to smoke more often and are at greater risk of developing health problems as a result of their smoking habits.

Members of NIDA and FDA have previously shown that daily e-cigarette users were more likely to change their plans to quit smoking conventional cigarettes, even if they had not done so before. The researchers’ current study was designed to examine whether or not the use of electronic cigarettes was linked to the cessation of cigarette smoking among daily smokers who had no intention of quitting.

How come electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking?

The researchers compared the success rates of those who used electronic cigarettes and those who didn’t when it came to stop smoking. Those who used e-cigarettes on a daily basis had an eightfold higher probability of quitting smoking completely at the end of the study. Tobacco cessation was also much more likely among those who had completed the programme.

There was no link between quitting smoking cigarettes and using electronic cigarettes less often than once a day. Gender, race or ethnicity, age, level of education, and income were all taken into account in the research. Researchers also took care to take into consideration the average number of cigarettes smoked per day prior to the start of the trial.

It was unable to determine whether or not the use of electronic cigarettes led to the cessation of regular cigarette smoking based on the study’s data. Further research is needed to determine whether or whether the use of e-cigarettes affects people’s desire to quit smoking. But the findings suggest that when evaluating the risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes, smokers who have no plans to stop should be taken into account as well.



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