Wedding Videography Long Island

If you’re looking for a wedding videography Long Island service, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair or a grand event, you’ll find a videographer to suit your needs. Wedding videography Long Island professionals include Morii Media, which is owned by award-winning cinematographer Briana Valentino. Briana’s work combines visual storytelling with a documentary style. Another long-time wedding videographer is Mystudionet Productions, which is located in West Babylon, NY. The company’s founder has more than 15 years of experience in wedding videography.10-tips-for-keeping-your-startup-business-growing
Enchanted Celebrations

For a truly cinematic wedding experience, wedding videographers are wedding videography long island the way to go. These professionals turn ordinary life into an unforgettable, rewatchable film. With a number of special packages for 2020 weddings, Enchanted Celebrations is the right place to start. To learn more, visit their website! Here’s a look at some of the different services they offer:

Founded by filmmaker Andrew Rottkamp, Instill Wonder offers high-quality wedding videography for couples in New York City. Andrew has extensive experience shooting weddings for broadcast companies and freelance work. His company also offers a full-service DJ service, Dancejock Productions. With over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Andrew is known for his unique style of videography. Weddings are special events, and couples can look forward to watching their wedding video as it unfolds.

The location for Deborah and Brandyn’s wedding is absolutely breathtaking. The beautiful landscape of this Long Island venue provides the perfect backdrop for wedding videography. As the sun peeked through the trees, the couple danced amidst the golden grass. Whether you choose an outdoor ceremony or an indoor one, a wedding at Swan Lake Caterers is sure to be memorable. You’ll be grateful for all of the details.

For a truly breathtaking wedding video, consider a Long Island videographer. The images captured by an expert Long Island videographer will last a lifetime. With an Enchanted Celebrations wedding videography, your wedding will be captured forever. In addition to the stunning images and videography, Enchanted Celebrations also offers wedding planning services. So if you are planning a wedding in the Long Island area, contact Enchanted Celebrations today for more information.
The Candi Project

The Candi Project wedding videography on Long island specializes in story-driven, cinematic wedding films. Based in Long Island, New York, the team has filmed weddings throughout the New York City area, the Hamptons, the Hudson Valley, and Westchester. They are also available in New Jersey. Read their reviews to find out what couples are saying about their work. Also, you can view a sample of their work by visiting their website.

The Candi Project is a husband-and-wife videography team that specializes in capturing sweet, intimate moments. The team at Candi Project will leave you speechless and in tears after watching their videos. They capture the true essence of a wedding and the emotions that are part of it. They also take the time to learn about their clients. Their passion and experience show in their work, and their customers’ rave reviews.
Lighthouse Photography Dream Weddings

The owners of Lighthouse Photography Dream Weddings founded the studio in the early 2000s. They are renowned for the quality of their work and provide a variety of album options, including rustic organic albums and soft-cover magazines. Lighthouse is devoted to giving couples a unique experience by offering endless options for album design. They believe that each wedding is unique, and therefore have many different types of albums to suit different personalities.

The Ritz-Carlton is a beautiful venue, complete with a pillared entrance, sweeping staircases, and walls of windows. The staff works with wedding vendors to make the event flow smoothly. They help their clients plan every detail and ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. The staff will even supply a wine list for the reception, with recommendations to keep special bottles for anniversaries. This is the perfect place for a wedding!
Patken Photography

With a unique blend of artistic vision and artistic skill, Patken Photographer specializes in capturing priceless moments, ensuring that your wedding video is a true representation of your day. The filmmakers at Patken Photography combine live audio with music tracks to create a spirited documentary that evokes emotion. Regardless of your budget, Patken Photographer has a package to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional, timeless wedding film or a more contemporary approach, Patken Photographer has you covered. Their renowned style of wedding videography has won numerous awards. You’ll love your finished products, which are less like video clips than cinematic time capsules that capture your wedding day in all its beauty. And Patken has a reputation for delivering the best quality of videography in the Long Island area.

A vision for a creative career led Ken and Patricia Gordon to start Patken Photography 35 years ago. Ken had a lifelong dream to pursue visual arts, but he put it on hold due to a family life and the Vietnam war. Ultimately, Pat and Ken Gordon started their own photography business in 1985 and revived Ken’s old Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex camera. After a couple of years, Doug Gordon joined the company and is today a highly respected figure in the wedding industry.

As a long-time family-owned enterprise, Patken Photographer is considered one of the best wedding studios in the world. Their artistic vision blends contemporary fashion with vintage glamour and natural photography. The photographer’s meticulous posing is a result of an unpretentious style, ensuring that the moment remains timeless. With the right techniques, Patken Photographer’s wedding videography on Long Island is as beautiful as the photographs themselves.

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